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Honestly yummy!

Why Zero Waste

Our Story

We started with a mission

to preserve the most natural flavor by combining the nutritious ingredients, attention to detail craftsmanship, and a balance between western and eastern culture.

Constructed 22 layers of paper-thin crepes, while having a rich yet refreshing cream-filled in-between each layer, our Mille Crêpe cakes are handmade with passion in our commercial kitchen based in San Mateo, California.


Our cakes are only available for in-location pickup in San Mateo, CA. The delivery option is available through Nextdish

Our Mille Crêpe cakes are handmade with passion and love

Tiramisu crepe cake
Oreo cookie crepe cake

Favorited by Our Customers

Looking for a slice?

No problem! We are partnering with a few of our favorite restaurants and vendors around the Bay Area for sliced orders.


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